Shopify Success Story – $100,000+ in a Day with Email – Tyler Sullivan

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Sully is the first guy I've interviewed that I've never really spoken with prior to arranging the interview. So with that, I'm stoked that he was willing to put himself in front of you mob.

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1. Your Name: Tyler Sullivan
2. Company: BombTech Golf and Ecom Growers
3. Monthly revenue (average): $500k for ecommerce and $30k for ecom growers – just launches
4. Number of founders: just me for BombTech and 1 partner for ecom growers
5. Number of employees (excluding founders): 3
6. Location: Vermont
7. Start date: 2012

BombTech Drivers

Q. Where are you based? Do you have a family? What do you do for work and fun?

Yes 2 kids
I ski, golf and fish

Q. What did you do before getting started online?

I was always in sales. From selling photocopiers, pharmaceutical, medical device and my last job I sold geotechnical drilling rigs… before I got fired.

I was always a top salesman but really hated answering to someone else… I had no real intentions of building a big business but just wanted to do something that I loved… which was golf.

It’s a crazy story, but when BombTech golf was still a side hustle. I got fired from my day job..which was at the same time I found out my wife was pregnant! They fired me the week before

Thanksgiving…it was ruthless and that was the kick in the ass I needed to make BombTech golf a full-time income and business.

Q. What do you sell on your store? Who’s your target audience? How long have you been selling online?

My own brand of premium golf clubs direct to consumer. I got started by working with 4 engineering students at the University of Vermont back in 2012.

One of my customers said it best… “I bought because of price but I stayed because of quality”

Q. How often do you launch new products?

Product launches are the lifeblood of our business and critical to our success.
I wish I could launch faster and more often but lead times are long. So I have a system of gauging interest before a launch to determine how much product to manufacture.
I personally focus mostly on content and ads on a day to day basis and don’t work a normal 9-5. I tend to work 4-6 hours in a normal day where I’m actually working but I’m always thinking and working on the business.

Q. Where do most of your customers come from? Google search? Social Media? Other sites?

Social is where I get our traffic and build our community and email is what drives revenue and profits.
My first employee Chris and I are email experts and due to number of case studies we now offering consulting other ecom brands specially with email.
It has been exciting and rewarding
to help other stores grow and grow fast! Using the same strategies that helped grow my brand.

Q. How do you scale? If you have a product that’s going off, what action do you take to make the most of it?

Scaling and really all of ecommerce comes down to 3 pieces.
  • Traffic
  • Offer
  • Email (back end)

If you nail these 3 then scaling is just part of the process.

Tyler Sullivan

Q. I’d love to hear more about your ecommerce successes to date. What great things have come to you through building your success and growing your store?

I think my biggest success would be building a true brand and an email list of customers.
This is the most undervalued but important asset any business can have.
From a success standpoint, every day I wake up and we are moving products is a good day.
Recently, I broke our single sales day record by selling over $100,000 in a single day! And it was because of email.

Q: What platform/tools do you use for your business?

I like to keep it simple. I’m not a big fan of apps and prefer a faster site with the right offers.

• I use;
• Shopify,
• Klaviyo,
• Privy and
• Carthook.

That is my go to stack right now.

Q. What’s your number 1 tip for new dropshippers getting into the industry?

I started before dropshipping was a thing. So I don’t have specific info for dropshippers but I would give this tip for anyone selling physical products online..

• 1 dial in your traffic
• 2 don’t focus on product but sell your story
• 3 build a back end via email or you’re going waste a ton of time and money on your front end…

Q. Where can people find our more about you? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Best way to reach me is at

And feel free to email me at [email protected]

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