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Recently I wrote an email explaining my process of shortlisting products that are worth investing time, effort, and money into exploring.
I explained how you must have a visceral feeling as the catalyst to take the investigation to the next stage.
Without having that intense desire, deep in the pit of my stomach I find it hard to stay committed and on task with my business.
Even still, at times it can get quite difficult to stay focused. I should know, I've been doing this POD game for over 10 years now and know firsthand how attractive those other shiny objects are!
Now, after selling close to 8 figures online, I can usually spot these products worth investing in very quickly.
In this article, I want to share with you 3 that I think have HUGE opportunity this year.
But before I do, I want to recap exactly what it is I look for before investing in the testing phase of a product.

How to Spot Winning Print on Demand Products

Why You Should be Selling The Most Profitable Print on Demand Products

Firstly, The product must have profits greater than $30+/sale. The more there is the better.
Bigger profits mean bigger paydays when you hit those juggernauts!
If you can make more than 30 bucks a sale you know you're going to have much more money to play with when it comes to scaling…and of course, making decent bank.
It's also important to have the extra moolah when those sales pop off when testing. It helps to support the testing phase on the hunt for the winners. You need to keep cash in that float to facilitate the ad spend…even more important if you don't have a 9-5 supporting the side hustle.

Why Easy to Design Print on Demand Products are Best

I want to be able to design the products myself.…Being impatient means I want to test fast and prove my hunch. Assumption only serves me to the point of committing. Once I've committed it's time to test the product and see how the market responds.

Why Local Shipping is a Must for Print on Demand Products

Shipping from within the USA (except in exceptional circumstances). This is down to the necessity for speed when customers are ordering online! The closer the product is to them…well, the faster they receive it making for a better customer experience.
This is made more important by last mile carriers & Amazon driving the need for speed. But, even still. Given that Print on Demand products are made on demand, you can market it in a way that will give you the extra grace period you need.
And because your POD products speak to people in a way most ecommerce products don't i.e. deep passions & emotions, you can benefit from that as the customers feel like you hear and know them. At that point they're willing to wait.
So they're the main reasons, there are several others that I take into account but these are typically enough for me to pull the trigger on a test.

The Best Print on Demand Products to Sell This Year

So what are the best products that I think have MASSIVE potential this year? The good thing with POD is that products typically have a much longer shelf life than a toy or item…like a fidget spinner… the reason for that? Well, it's because you're creating the desire with your phrase & design!
With that in mind I think it's obvious what my number 1 is…of course, drum roll


ShineOn Print on Demand Products
Print on Demand Jewelry, particularly with Shine, is just too good not to focus on. It ticks all the boxes and with the constant improvements and viral products continually being added, it continues to stay on trend and remains a massively desirable gift, and will for the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately Etsy recently made message card jewelry non compliant but they do have more and more products each month that are being added to their catalog.
Eric & the team have tons of amazing products lined up and they continue to be dropped every other week. I am super excited to see these new products hit the catalog so we can get testing!


Teelaunch Metal Art copy
I absolutely love this next product and Teelaunch upped the game in a MASSIVE way when they released it! They've recently released die cut metal art! I put together a training specifically for metal art inside PODHacks for my lucky students.
I am soooooo excited about how easy it is now to create these metal art designs and it's not just ready to test, it's ready to blow up with a clear strategy for the upcoming Mother's Day & Wedding Season.
Margins starting at $40 for the 12″ pieces…
ALL. THE. WAY. UP. TO. $150 (& BEYOND) PER SALE on the 36″! Just the other day I had a customer purchase a piece on Etsy for over $300!
best print on demand profit margins
That's Profit on the below order was $162.95 after fees.
Print on Demand Metal Profit
When we first launched metal art…we scaled well into 5 figures very quickly! 


Subliminator Print on Demand Products
There is one product that is massively trending right now and one I think will absolutely crush for those willing to take it into the niches…The oversized hoodie from Subliminator.
Screenshot 2024 03 22 at 10.55.09 am
These things are being pushed heavily by one of the biggest (effectively print on demand) ecom stores I've ever seen! But they don't have the experience of getting deep into the weeds in the niches! That's where your opportunity lies. You can easily create seamless patterns in Canva, have the commercial rights to the designs and upload very, very quickly!
Do not sleep on this one.
Plus, Subliminator also gives you the ability to create those patterns in app along with their own design library.
One last thing to note. People are buying just 1 of these in their orders…they're buying multiple. In Q4 I had several customers purchase multiples driving the profits through the roof!
Screenshot 2024 03 22 at 10.57.10 am Screenshot 2024 03 22 at 10.57.28 am


Screenshot 2024 03 22 at 11.00.30 am
And in the spirit of giving…I have a 4th product that I know will dominate for those willing to invest and spend some time creating the brand. I've held this one close to my chest and just haven't had the time to launch it yet…
Print on Demand Supplements…yup, supplements that get printed (the labels) and shipped when your orders come in…
Why is there opportunity here? Well, niche marketers (that's you and I btw) can pin point specific niches that could benefit massively from the supplements on offer
They have Nutropics (which is what Joe Rogan is big on), Multi-Vitamins, Joint Formulas, Magnesium, CBD and soooo much more.
You've seen coffee get niched down for Bikers & Cycling… you can do the same thing with Supplements…hit the truckers, hit the hunters, hit the military and make the products focused on that niche and speak to the heart of the audience. My gut is telling me that it would work extremely well!
[Make sure you do your due diligence on supplements. Given your are getting into something that is being ingested you need to be mindful that you’re selling great quality products! Check regulations and legalities etc]


And there it is…my list of 6 figure print-on-demand products that will crush this year!
If you want to get in on the Made on Demand Metal training inside The PODHacks Accelerator™ apply now to make the most of the exploding print on demand industry! It's blowing up and you want to make sure you have the strategy to blow the doors off your barn!
P.S. Finding a red hot product like made on demand metal does not come around all that often. If you want to learn the strategy from someone that has made multiple 6 figures selling it in the niches then I am your man! Apply now to get the first mover advantage!
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