So you've spent the last few weeks building your site and it's now ready for traffic…

At least you think it is. So you venture over to one of the BIG Shopify Facebook Groups or post a request on Reddit for site critiques.

What you need to know about this is it's dangerous! What you are effectively doing is asking a bunch of beginners (just like you) to review your store. Why would any professionals give you a point by point checklist?

Responses come from people with no real experience in creating 6 or 7 figure businesses for themselves.
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If you're unlucky 36 beginners/”Guru's” will respond to you, if you have any luck maybe 1 has any real benefit to you.

I have seen hundreds of beginner stores that are doomed to fail by doing this.

Basic errors that have a MASSIVE impact on conversions, little things consistently overlooked that make big differences to the chance of a stores success.

My Store Review will have you set up for success the moment you start running traffic.


It comes down to the key elements that make a great store. These elements make it that much easier for your store to convert and most importantly get those sales popping.

My simple system works day in day out for you to make those sales.

So, do you want to be posting 5, 6 or 7 figure screenshots in those groups, do you want to pay off student debts within the next few months, or do you want the type of money most people will never experience?

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So what does this include?

I will personally review your store within 48 hours with a 38 Point Checklist that I have developed for my own stores. A checklist that ensures everything is set up ready for action… READY. FOR. SUCCESS

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