How I Did  $732,701.35 in 3 Weeks With Print on Demand Jewelry and ShineOn.

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[Last Updated August 2022]

If you're new to the world of ecommerce and find yourself looking for the best Print on Demand Jewelry, ShineOn Jewelry is the company you need to know.

I first heard of ShineOn back in 2016 when I first started dabbling in 3d Jewelry. Like my entry into Print on Demand shirts with Teespring, ShineOn took a little while for me to take seriously.

ShineOn Jewelry reviews are few and far between. Even fewer are those that have had the level of success that we've enjoyed. With ShineOn I was able to scale 3 monster designs to $732,701.35USD in 3 Weeks with ShineON and show you exactly how I did it in that article.

In this article, I am going to explain the reason why we continually choose ShineOn Jewelry as our Print on Demand company of choice.

I have fallen in love with the company and the quality it provides to not only the end customers but the quality and care it provides to its seller community. Their customer service, their product range, the continual introduction of new products, their endless pursuit of bigger and better upsells, and of course their ridiculous margins (think $50+USD).

In this article about Print on Demand Jewelry, you are going to learn;

  • Who is ShineOn Jewelry
  • ShineOn Success
  • Is ShineOn Legit
  • Who's the best fit for ShineOn Jewelry
  • ShineOn Jewelry Products
  • The ShineOn Etsy Integration
  • The Most Viral Jewelry Products
  • How to use ShineOn Jewelry
  • Features & Services
  • Pros & Cons
  • ShineOn Jewelry Competitors

ShineOn Jewelry: Print on Demand Jewelry You Need To Use.

If you've known me for a while you know I like to work with people and companies I love. ShineOn Jewelry is no exception. Eric Toczko and his team have created an amazing company, providing exceptional quality products.

I was lucky enough to have a lot of success with ShineOn to the point that Eric flew out to Bangkok to see me present at the Affiliate World Summit. We knew each other pretty well at that point so it was quite a comfortable relationship already. What I didn't realize, however, was how short the man actually is. I'm near on 6'3 so in fairness, he's probably normal height.

Gettings Suits in Bangkok
Hanging out in BK gettings custom suits.

Having met in Bangkok and hung out for a few days it was obvious that Eric was an incredibly determined individual. An individual who would happily travel the ends of the world to meet up with people who he found true product evangelists.

It's not an isolated case, as he was recently back in the Philipines helping Mongs Cobilo-Hernandez out with the first ever XCALE Conference.

Eric is a man that will go above and beyond for his sellers and that means providing an exceptional fulfillment company for his community.

Eric Fanboying Image Downloaded form his Cell
Eric Fanboying – Image Downloaded from his Cell 😂

But who is ShineOn and why should you consider working with them?

Who is ShineOn Jewelry?

ShineOn Jewelry is a Print on Demand Jewelry company for Shopify. What this means is they have an app that plugs into the backend of your store. Later in this article, I will take you through exactly how to set this up and the steps you need to take to get selling.

ShineOn is based in New Jersey and as their proud tagline suggests “Made with Love by Moms in the USA”.

Here are a couple of other things that are pretty darn cool;

  • Fast production, 3 days or less.
  • The majority of ShineOn's production workforceis working Mothers. When you sell with ShineOn you support strong communities and a fair wage.
  • 2 Patents pending on their products and process.
  • They set up a webcam to follow their production facility working around the clock to fulfill their merchant's orders.
  • Dedicated platform with custom URL's
  • Constantly adding new, high-margin products

So there you have it, ShineOn Jewelry, in a nutshell, is a Print on Demand Jewelry supplier for Shopify, providing amazing products for their end-users and their sellers alike.

My ShineOn Success/es – $732,701.32 in 3.5 Weeks…

That is the most I've done in a short timeframe with jewelry, and have multiple instances of great success using their platform.

ShineOn is the perfect product to sell with holidays in mind. Jewelry is obviously a gift-based purchase (particularly from ShineOn in my experience). With that in mind, you need to craft your dedications from one person to another…

I am repeatedly able to make the most of the Christmas sales with a few different quotes from Husband to Wife. With the extra momentum around the gift-giving time of year, I can quickly scale out to several niches and smash the ad budget on the ones that take off.

There are many important dates for you to hit through the year… Think, Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Daughters Day, Son and Daughter Day etc

Like, how Michael Crist did $578,359.53 in 16 Days or Krste closing in on 8 figures, ShineOn success stories are everywhere…these are just the ones we hear about.

Michael Crist is not just a killer marketer, he is a straight-up, awesome human being. He is the type of guy I would more than happily have a beer or two with and just shoot the shit. You can catch him doing his weekly Shots of Espresso in the ShineOn Facebook Group where he shares what's happening within ShineOn, interviews experts and deep dives on merchant designs.

Michael is no fake guru, he is in the trenches and pulls on his own experience when he shares his content. Get into the group now!

My PODHacks™ Students ShineOn Success

Since creating PODHacks™ I have been lucky enough to help a lot of students start their Print on Demand journeys successfully using ShineOn!

Below are a few screenshots of their results;

Screen Shot 2022 03 16 at 6.49.08 pm

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 5.04.43 pm Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 5.04.31 pm

IMG 3599

ShineOn is a fantastic product to start with given that the designs that sell best… literally text on a solid color background. There are certain fundamentals that I teach inside PODHacks that give you the secret sauce to create your own 6 figure Print on Demand business!

And truth be told, there is no secret sauce. Everything I teach on TikTok, YouTube, on this blog, and everywhere else I'm sharing content gives you all you need to succeed.

Where PODHacks™ helps you though is to deliver the content in a structured way in a course coupled with coaching (by me personally). If you'd love to learn how to work with me personally make sure you book a call with me now!

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Is ShineOn Legit?

If you've never heard of the company before then this is a valid question. The last thing you want is to start selling, let alone scaling, with a company you can't trust.

Rest assured outside of this ShineOn Jewelry review, it is a very trustworthy company. The team is incredibly responsive to your requests through their support channels including their Facebook group, the team members, and email.

And if that's not enough check out these product reviews from our store below…

Print on Jewelry Review 1

ShineOn Jewelry Review 1 min

They back their products and offer free replacements for any orders that may be damaged during the delivery process. Within your dash, on Shopify, you can seamlessly order a replacement without any hassles.

The reason I make mention of this is the last thing we, as sellers want is to have unhappy customers and ShineOn knows the importance of keeping them happy (not to mentions us, sellers).

By being responsive to support requests, it allows you to move incredibly quickly to fix any issues that arise in your business.

Who's the best fit for ShineOn Jewelry?

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned seller. ShineOn Jewelry allows you to offer your customer quality products with some sweet margin built-in.

From my own research, I have seen sellers promoting their products at a variety of price points, some high, some low. But, both (at the time of writing) provide at least $25USD margin per item and that is before the engraving is added (which I will touch on later in this article).

I have seen the silver pendant necklaces selling at up to $59.99 per unit. This equates to $50USD net profit (before ad spend and engraving upsell), the base cost is only $9.97.

Personally, jewelry is a great product for POD as I feel it connects with people on a much deeper level than shirts would. They are often gifts with a heartfelt sentiment.

ShineOn Jewelry Products

With only a small selection of products, ShineOn is able to focus on the quality it provides ensuring fast fulfillment of top-notch jewelry.

So what exactly do they offer?

  • Print Cards (absolutely amazing with HUGE margin)
  • Circle Pendants
  • Oval Pendants
  • Heart Pendants
  • Cross Pendants
  • Dog Tags

Below is a list of each product with its different attachments and price for each;

ShineOn Jewelry Products

Dog Tag
Ball Chain (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Ball Chain (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Ball Chain (Gold)$15.97 per unit
Ball Chain (Gold) w/ Engraving$20.97 per unit
Snake Chain Cross (Silver)$11.97 per unit
Snake Chain Cross (Silver) w/ Engraving$19.47 per unit
Snake Chain Cross (Gold)$17.97 per unit
Snake Chain Cross (Gold) w/ Engraving$25.47 per unit
Cross (ball-chain)
Cross Ball Chain (Silver)$11.97 per unit
Cross Ball Chain (Silver) w/ Engraving$19.47 per unit
Cross Ball Chain (Silver)$17.97 per unit
Cross Ball Chain (Silver) w/ Engraving$25.47 per unit
Snake Chain Circle (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Snake Chain Circle (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Snake Chain Circle (Gold)$15.97 per unit
Snake Chain Circle (Gold) w/ Engraving$20.97 per unit
Circle (bangle)
Bangle Circle (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Bangle Circle (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Bangle Circle (Gold)$15.97 per unit
Bangle Circle (Gold) w/ Engraving$20.97 per unit
Snake Chain Heart (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Snake Chain Heart (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Snake Chain Heart (Gold)$15.97 per unit
Snake Chain Heart (Gold) w/ Engraving$20.97 per unit
Heart (bangle)
Bangle Heart (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Bangle Heart (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Bangle Heart (Gold)$15.97 per unit
Bangle Heart (Gold) w/ Engraving$20.97 per unit
Circle Charm & Bracelet
18 cm Bracelet Circle Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
18 cm Bracelet Circle Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
20 cm Bracelet Circle Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
20 cm Bracelet Circle Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
Circle Charm Only (Silver)$5.00 per unit
Circle Charm Only (Silver) w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Circle Charm (leather)
SM Leather (Silver)$6.50 per unit
SM Leather (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
M/L Leather (Silver)$6.50 per unit
M/L Leather (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
Charm Only (Silver)$5.00 per unit
Charm Only (Silver) w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Circle Charm (charm only)
Circle Charm Only (Silver)$5.00 per unit
Circle Charm Only (Silver) w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Heart Charm & Bracelet
18 cm Bracelet Heart Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
18 cm Bracelet Heart Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
20 cm Bracelet Heart Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
20 cm Bracelet Heart Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
Heart Charm Only$5.00 per unit
Heart Charm Only w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Heart Charm (charm only)
Heart Charm Only (Silver)$5.00 per unit
Heart Charm Only (Silver) w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Heart Charm (leather)
SM Leather Heart Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
SM Leather Heart Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
ML Leather Heart Charm (Silver)$6.50 per unit
ML Leather Heart Charm (Silver) w/ Engraving$11.50 per unit
Heart Charm Only (Silver)$5.00 per unit
Heart Charm Only (Silver) w/ Engraving$10.00 per unit
Snake Chain Oval (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Snake Chain Oval (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit
Bangle Oval (Silver)$9.97 per unit
Bangle Oval (Silver) w/ Engraving$14.97 per unit

The next thing you'll definitely need to know when setting your prices is the ShineOn Jewelry shipping costs;

The Most Viral Jewelry Products

Since the introduction of the Print Cards on ShineOn profits for sellers has exploded. The simplicity of designing is one of the biggest advantages for scaling, being able to design, upload, and sell within minutes is key to doing 6 or 7 figure months.

The Top 4 Products Worth Testing

My favorite piece to sell is the eternity necklace in the top left followed by the love knot in the bottom left.

The eternity necklace is what drove 90% of our sales in the Q4 just gone, which equated to almost 3/4 of a million dollars worth of product!

Platform success with Print on Demand Jewelry Shopify
Having a celebratory whiskey after delivery cutoff.
Platform success with Print on Demand Jewelry Shopify 1
Results from our Shopify store that sells 90% ShineOn Jewelry

The ShineOn Etsy Integration

The ShineOn Etsy Integration has been released which is incredible news for anyone on Etsy, or anyone looking to start a low cost brand!

With their integration it's a matter of logging into your ShineOn account and beside the logo at the top left is a dropdown selector for your stores!

This is where you select connect new store and integrate with Etsy.

ShineOn Etsy Integration

Simple as that. Once you've selected that the next obvious step is to select Etsy and log into your store.

ShineOn Etsy Integration Integrate

And there you have it. With each design you upload to ShineOn it will automatically show up in your Etsy Draft listings.

Etsy is a Search driven marketplace which means you don't have to pay for ads (you can), what you need to do, however, is make sure each of your listings are optimized for the correct keywords.

How to use ShineOn Jewelry

As with any fulfillment company you'll use on Shopify, you need to install it. <<<ClickHow to install ShineOn Jewelry App

After installing ShineOn it will take you through a self-guided 6 step install. It's not that hard, all it consists of is;

  • Joining the Facebook Group
  • Creating your first Product
  • Adding your payment method
  • Setting up in box offers (doesn't need to be done immediately)
  • Updating the ShineOn Product page
  • And……making your first sale

How to upload a design;

Firstly, you must have had your image created to suit the product size. If you're still looking for a great designer it appears there are a number in the ShineOn Facebook group. Reach out on there and you'll soon have your choice of many.

Step 1. Select your Product

In this example, I am going to select the cross.

Select Product

Step 2. Uploading your design.

Upload Your Design

Something to note, if you have a clear background it will expose the metal below. Which can be a very effective element to use in your design. As you can see above on the install page, the “Tequila is My Valentine” stands out and gives the design extra pop.

Step 3. Setting Product Name & Prices

Name Your Product

Step 4. Adding extra Product Images

Add More Images

I always add extra images to showcase as much of the product as possible. Be careful as more images means the visitor needs to download more MB's which slow down your site. Be sure to select the ones that best display your item.

Step 5. Sell, Sell, Sell

Features & Services

New Products

Eric is always hunting down the next best product to add to the collection on offer. Outside looking in, I can tell that he takes his time in selecting the products that eventually make it to the platform.

The latest addition to the product line up is the POD Cross. A lot of my success on ShineOn was from overlaying a niche element on top of a cross. I scaled this across multiple niches and had quite a lot of success.

I see no reason why these Crosses won't sell and I suggest you start designing for them while they are still fresh.


Having engraving included on each listing is an absolute must. In all the pieces we've sold very few opted not to choose the engraving option.

At $15 for the Engraving up-sell, you make an extra $7.50 on each sale like clockwork.

asset 108 transformation 299 4723b919 2fe6 47cf 8564 0534a2884b8f 720xShineOn Jewelry Cross Engraving

Enhanced Product Page

Eric posted in the group (you will need to be a group member to see that post) recently that they have just updated the ShineOn product page that is used in all Shopify stores resulting in higher conversions.

If you jump into their group and search “Eric” you will see just how often they are working on making you more money as a seller.

Video Creator

Video is king on Facebook at the moment and as such ShineOn Jewelry can create custom videos for each of your pieces. Whilst this is a paid service, it is well worth investing in when you have a product that is scaling.

Sample Requests

Again, when you have a product scaling or you just have a feeling your next piece is going to take off having samples is a must.

By having your own samples and taking your own photos you really start standing out from the crowds. Having real-time photos and videos have played a huge part in my own success with ShineOn products and I suggest you get those samples in your hot little hands.

Buyer Photo Uploads

This is a game-changer. Personalization is HUGE and what better way to personalize jewelry with the images the customer values most, their loved ones.

The targeting is easy whether you're going for engaged, married or people who simply love their animals. Give these a go, you're almost guaranteed to get sales.

Bulk Product Uploader

The ShineOn bulk uploader is freaking amazing. When you're a massive launcher like me saving time on manual tasks like this is a game changer.

It's easy to use. After creating your template you bulk upload all designs in one go. The next step is making sure the naming convention is correct and the URL matches. This has been my favorite update in the last few months.

Pros & Cons

This section should really just be titled “Pros” as I really can't think of too many drawbacks from having ShineOn installed on your site.

By focusing on the seller and providing an exceptional experience for the customers ShineOn really does outdo itself. The old saying “Go the extra mile, it's less crowded” really is true when it comes to a company like ShineOn.

Everything is handled so professionally, from the team to the product to the seller to the customer.

In 2017 ShineOn pivoted from print on demand 3d jewelry to Print on Demand pieces as you see today. Tbh, I wasn't happy but it was a transition that needed to be made and is evident in the success of the company as it is now.

So what are the Pros…


  • High Margin $30+ before upsells
  • BULK Product Uploader
  • Video Creation Service
  • Free replacements
  • 3-day fulfillment
  • Custom Engraving
  • Buyer Photo Uploads
  • Engaged Community
  • Super easy to use
  • No monthly fees


  • They don't do 3d anymore… (at least atm although this is changing slowly)

ShineOn Jewelry Competitors

There is only one main competitor that comes to mind for pod jewelry. My view is completely biased as I have never used the competitor I am pitting against ShineOn. I've always gravitated towards quality and only want the best for my customers. Gearbubble just never appealed to me for Jewelry.

Print on Demand Jewelry Comparison: ShineOn Jewelry vs Gearbubble

Don't get me wrong, Don Wilson is an exceptional marketer and was the man that got me into the whole POD world. BUT, I don't believe this battle to be a true competitor to ShineOn Jewelry.

Why? The quality difference between the necklaces on GearBubble, as opposed to ShineOn, is vast. I believe if Facebook is to let us continue marketing dropshipping and POD products we need to take great care in the products that we are selling to our customers.

Making sure we are only giving our customers the best quality products at a good price is what is going to keep our customers happy. Thankfully both these companies do, but there is a reason why the margin is so much more in ShineOn Jewelry products.

Facebook is actively surveying people who have purchased from your ads and if customers are not happy with the products they are receiving it can have a detrimental effect on your livelihood. It's not a joke, if you fall outside their scale of acceptable negativity then you run the risk of losing your ad account.

If you repeatedly do it, you will lose access to Facebook altogether.

This battle is purely between Gearbubble and ShineOn Jewelry necklaces, as for the other products available on GB, I have no problem and GearBubble is an exceptional platform in its own right.

So who wins?

Based on jewelry… ShineOn wins hands down. If it's on product selection, definitely Gearbubble.


To say ShineOn Jewelry is close to my heart would be an understatement. They have afforded me a quality of life I could only dream of. Companies like ShineOn are the very reason being involved in this industry is so fulfilling.

People who had no chance of getting out of poverty, in far off remote corners of the world can literally change their destinies. With an internet connection, a bit of drive, and determination, they can get onto Shopify, Plug into ShineOn, and be selling incredible products to folks all around the world.

As far as print on demand jewelry reviews go, this may come across as biased. ShineOn Jewelry is an amazing company and worth the time for you to get started.

Eric and the team continue to do an amazing job and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whilst we are still in this massive uptrend of ecommerce I suggest you install the ShineOn Jewelry app and make your own mark on the POD Jewelry world.

As always, if you have any comments or questions please share them below in the comments section.

If you have found this article helpful please share it with those that would benefit.

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