$20,586 in 1st Month by Knowing What to Sell on Etsy

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$20,586 in 1st Month by Knowing What to Sell on Etsy

Gaining insight into the complexities of Etsy's Print-On-Demand (POD) system is a key factor in knowing what to sell on Etsy. Your success when attempting to enter this exciting space will be the ability to see the opportunities that are already present.

This article aims to unravel the secrets behind viral, profitable products, and how to know what to sell on Etsy. Also, I'll share with you some inspiring success stories to have you motivated and excited to get started.

With the method I share with you you will never be short of new product design ideas!

In this article I am going to guide you through how to discover hidden opportunities for top selling Etsy Niches, some of my favorite suppliers to use, how to validate winning products on Etsy (before creating your own) and how to use Etsy SEO tools to power up your profits!

So here’s what I’m going to cover…

  • The HUGE Opportunity & How Does Etsy Print on Demand Work
  • The HUGE Opportunity & How Does Etsy Print on Demand Work
  • The basics of the Etsy Print on Demand business model
  • Full Print on Demand Etsy Tutorial for Beginners
  • Etsy Success Stories prove the opportunity is real…
  • Validating Product/Niche Opportunities with Everbee

Finding Low Competition Etsy Niches with Etsy SEO Tools

The Etsy marketplace has made the opportunity to make money online exceptionally inexpensive. For 20 cents/listing you have the opportunity to find a winning products that can make you THOUSANDS of dollars… and this will reframe your thinking…for $10 you have 50 opportunities to find your own 6 figure winner!

Etsy Print on Demand
Everbee Screenshot.

The basics of the Etsy Print on Demand business model

With the Etsy print on demand model, it doesn't get any easier to create a real business. POD can go from side hustle to serious business almost overnight. With few moving parts, all you need to focus on is the research, the design & the marketing.

But first, what is Print on Demand Etsy and how to know what sells on Etsy?

After integrating your print on demand supplier to Etsy, you create designs in a design app like Kittl or Canva, upload them to your suppliers website and list them on your store.

When your customer buys, your partner prints and ships the product straight to your customer and leaves you with the profit. 


This leaves you to focus on 3 main areas…The research to spot opportunities (Using tools like eRank), the design (using easy to use tools like Kittl & Canva) and then publishing your listings on Etsy…

Knowing they're your 3 main focus areas allows you to get a lot more done in a lot less time…Allowing you to Netflix & List or work from home with your kids around your feet!

Full Print on Demand Etsy Tutorial for Beginners

In this Etsy tutorial I take you through the full process of what I am about to share with you below. From finding the secret Etsy niches that sell, to the Etsy SEO research, to validating designs, to listing on a print on demand suppliers site and optimising on Etsy.

This is the only step by step Etsy tutorial you need for success in POD…and speaking of which, it brings me to our Etsy success stories…

Etsy Success Stories prove the opportunity is real…

Here is one of my students Lou's results after joining my PODHacks coaching program for Print on Demand with her own Etsy success story…

Lou was able to start a brand new store and within the 1st month she was able to make over $10,000 profit ($13k+ Aussie)!

And the best part is, once you start implementing the training sales start to happen almost immediately!

Etsy Success Stories

Finding Low Competition Etsy Niches with Etsy SEO Tools

To find success on Etsy I have found the quickest way is by focusing on Etsy niches with high search volume and low competition. The are literally hundreds of opportunities like this available.

In order to find these opportunities I use Etsy Seo Tools. ERank, Everbee, Marmalead & Etsycheck are all fantastic examples of Etsy SEO tools that uncover these low competition niches.

Ever since I start on Etsy, however, eRank has been the one I start all my research with. The main way to use it with print on demand is to find a print on demand etsy supplier that integrates with the marketplace.

Say for instance you found ShineOn. Now you have access to their product catalog and it is one of the best ways to discover hidden Etsy niches that can be very lucrative.

One-by-one search for each product in their catalog…

So from the catalog I have chosen to search for “wall art”…

Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.18.08 pm

The search term is used a lot. But in the example here there are several columns to pay attention to. Firstly, the search trend. Aiming for something that is consistent year round helps to keep sales level.

Second you need to look at the average searches. If it's in the green that's an indication you need to dive deeper. The next important column is the Etsy competition. If it's red it's dead (for now, until you learn how to sell). Red means there is a lot more competition and you will find it harder to break through.

As I scrolled down for this example I came across “surfboard wall art”. The trend was consistent, the Average searches green and the Etsy competition also green.

Etsy SEO Tools eRank

This is how using Etsy SEO Tools you're able to find you way into sales. It's not necessarily about a certain niche, or a certain product…it's about the opportunity you can fine, creating great designs and ensuring you're optimising all your Etsy listings.

Validating Product/Niche Opportunities with Everbee to Find What to Sell on Etsy

The biggest shift people need to make when first selling online is the need to sell what you want to sell, and instead, sell what people want to buy.

Now, with eRank you've started to discover what people are searching for and now with Everbee it's time for you to see if the search term “Surfboard Wall Art” has any products making sales…And if they are, take note.

This is how to know what sells on Etsy and it's these products blended with another simple trick that will allow you to find sales faster.

Using Everbee to Discover Top Selling Items on Etsy

Firstly, head over to Etsy and just search for the term and apply the “Star Seller” filter.

Everbee Review

Check the box beside Star Seller and click “Show Results”.
Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.31.18 pm

Once applied start looking into the listings that have the “Bestseller” badge on the thumbnail. This is how you can start filtering to be viewing only the top selling items on Etsy.

Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.34.13 pm

Now, if you add an item to cart, and proceed to checkout Etsy will let you know how many actions have been taken on that particular product…

Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.37.55 pm

In the image above you can see Etsy is telling you 20 people have the item in their carts. That's a good sign, but you need better validation that it's selling, and if it is, how much money it is potentially making.

Diving Deeper with Everbee

Using Everbee it allows you to powerup your research and validate whether a niche or product is worth investing time into creating designs for.

Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.41.16 pm

After installing Everbee (it's an app + chrome extension), on the left hand side when on Etsy you'll have a new panel.

By hovering over it and clicking “Product Analytics” you'll be able to see the estimated search volume of the different products on offer.

At the top of each column you can sort by Monthly sales, Revenue or total sales. By choosing monthly revenue you're able to get an indication of the potential of your own winning products on this search term.

The one that stands out to me, is the personalized surfboard with 12 monthly sales. With just under $2,000 monthly revenue. Firstly, its a simple shape…(duh, it's a surfboard) and it's personalized. By clicking on the product you will then get another screen that dives deeper into it's metrics and the details it's using to help place in search results.

Screenshot 2024 02 10 at 2.49.13 pm

In the above image you can see more insights. But what really helps you to start surfacing are the tags they're using.

Etsy SEO is helped by the tags you choose to use. Using competitor tags allow you to position yourself alongside them with your new improved product. After using Everbee to validate the keyword…

You now have 2 options…a print for the printed metal wall art on ShineOn. Or doing further research for another print on demand supplier… In this case, a great product that could potential grab some sales would be the laser cut metal art from Teelaunch.

Etsy Print on Demand Success with PODHacks

The smartest thing I've done over the years is invest into top quality coaching. It fast tracks results by removing unnecessary, often costly mistakes. In 2017 I started Storehacks.com and in 2021 I started coaching others on how to succeed in Print on Demand.

Since then I have helped hundreds of students start, grow & scale their own print on demand businesses to 1k, 5k, 10k, to 100k to 1m & beyond!

Just like Lauri below!
Etsy Success Stories

So if you'd love the step by step blueprint to creating $5,000-$10,000 months with your on Print on Demand business in as little as 2 hours a day. Then I'd like to invite you to join PODHacks.

Lead Minimalist with Multiple Mockups Instagram Post 2 copy

If you'd like to check out my free training make sure you click this link now.


By following this method of validating the opportunity first you'll always know what to make and sell on Etsy. By having proof that people are searching to buy the products you're creating and cross referencing you're able to better predict your chances of finding success faster.

This is the method myself and other powersellers use to uncover hidden opportunities. The key to remember is that in order to succeed online you must be selling what people want to buy, not what you want to sell.

It doesn't mean that you go against firm beliefs. It just helps you discover where you fit with what people want.


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