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  • You struggle to come up with phrases that sell
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Why You Need This Course

  • You've just started your POD journey and figured out all those first steps of getting your first launches running. Now what? This course will give you the direction in building successful foundations for a profitable POD business.
  • Maybe you've been in the industry a while and have lost your way or your 'Print on Demand Mojo'? Consider this course a 'lifesaver' for your POD business, with tons of actionable prompts to kickstart your phrase building & launching again and get it on the right path to becoming a profitable business once more.

From $120,000 in Debt, to creating multiple 6 & 7 Figure Ecommerce Businesses!

Have you ever felt trapped or weighed down in your circumstances? Not happy with where you're at in life or what you've achieved? 

I felt the exact same way as I was laying in bed next to my wife in early 2010. We'd just had our first child, Samuel. It was a Sunday morning, the only day I could have any kind of a sleep in and I was completely over it, wanting an opportunity to get online and to be at home with my family.

See, at the time I was a carpenter. Getting out of bed at 4:30am 6 days a week, unmotivated, preparing for another 1.5 hour drive to a job site in the middle of nowhere,  to start at 7, where I'd spend 10-12 hours working hard, drive home, have dinner and be in bed by 9 to be able to do it all again the next day.

I had debt up to the eyeballs, struggling to make ends meet, stressed, wondering where I would get the money to pay my electricity bill, let alone the dozen other bills that were piling up, not to mention where I'd get the money for the next mortgage payment.

I was supposed to be supporting my family, but instead I felt like I was failing. I hated it. My health was at an all time low with all the fast food I was eating whilst on the road, no time for the gym, no downtime to relax and enjoy life and worst of all, I would only see my newborn son for barely 30 minutes before he'd be put down to sleep for the night. This was not the way I wanted to live. My family were relying on me and I couldn't help but think that there was a better way.

That Sunday morning, Carlie mentioned something that would change the course of our life forever, it was a comment that was certainly wasn't a "Hey Ronnie, this is how you're going to hang up your tool belt forever..." kind of comment. As she was laying in bed on her iPad, scrolling through a flash sales website she innocently mentioned that she'd wish that there was a site like that for baby gear.

The Moment That Changed My Life Forever...

Immediately I got on my computer and started researching to see if there was a business like the one Carlie had mentioned earlier, and to my astonishment, there was nothing. That is the moment that changed my life forever and started me on the path to where I am today.

Within 3 hours I had managed to borrow some money from family, find a web designer, and had put together the wireframe of how I wanted my new website to be built. This was the first moment I started overspending on my new business. I agreed to a $35,000 contract to have my site built with a web designer that I'd met only hours earlier.

Bambino Brands was born and I put a hard line in the sand that I wanted it to launch on the 15th of August. Everything I did was focused on that date, finding suppliers, getting a warehouse, buying sorting tables and preparing for that first day I would eventually open.

That date rolled around very quickly and the launch could not have gone much better. In my first week I had a gross revenue of over $10,000! I thought I had made it and had taken the first step to realising my dreams.

Little did I know...all those products I had just sold were about to rock up to my warehouse. This threw a spanner in the works. Not only did I have to find new suppliers/brands for campaigns that barely lasted a week in the sales on the website, I had to pack all the orders as well.

I was in hustle mode and for the next 12 months I focused on growing my business. I'd cut my teeth on Facebook, building a highly engaged business page and running ads that were costing me a fortune. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was I had to spend money to make money. I was spending stupid! Very quickly I was spending more than I should have been to acquire customers and I needed help.

I was dreaming big, working hard and believing I could achieve anything. I started thinking about how I could get Bambino Brands acquired and started working on a plan to get in front of the big dogs. I needed money, that much was obvious. The business piqued the curiosity of the biggest flash sales site in Australia and we started hanging out and talking about what an acquisition would look like.

An Acquisition Was Imminent

An information memorandum was put together and I made the presentation in the hopes of finally being acquired and having the biggest steroid for the business I could have possibly imagined. To say that meeting didn't go well would be an understatement, within minutes I had lost the only party that'd shown  interest. 

To rub salt in the wounds on my way home I found out a new competitor had launched backed by serious investment and run by a team that had experience in the industry. I was done. The stress, the workload, the disappointing potential acquisition. 

The debt had got to much and I felt it was time to pull the pin. $120,000 in debt with significant money owed to suppliers. I was not going to go bankrupt and leave these guys hanging. They had trusted me, an unknown, to make good on my obligations and I had to pay them back.

I Was Done...

I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I knew I would. To make sure some of them were paid back I started looking for credit cards. Ones with long interest free periods, low repayments and as cheap as possible. This seemed to work well, although the limits were small it allowed me to start making good on my debts.

Good for my suppliers, bad for my credit and I had a new problem on my hands... I had no money coming in and could not meet the minimum repayments on these cards. As soon as a payment was missed I was smacked with heavy interest and I had a serious problem on my hands...this time, big banks.

I started fielding calls from debt collection agencies and lawyers. Incessantly I was getting hounded by "no caller id" all times of the day and into the night. The stress was at all time high but my belief remained firm...I would not go bankrupt.

That's when I stumbled onto the next part of my journey that would continue to buy me more time whilst I worked out how I would pay back all this money. I started the "credit card shuffle", going from interest free period to interest free period, sometimes buying up to 6 months of extra time to get my debts paid.

I Had Found Belief Again

I had met Suhail a few months earlier and for whatever reason he had agreed to try the online world with me. We managed to buy an undervalued website off Flippa and took over a site that made cheap websites. Wow, what an eye-opening experience that was... Building cheap websites for people with no money. People who expected the world for paying almost nothing, again, this would be a failed business endeavour.

Then, one day, I was scrolling through Facebook and started noticing a new company. Teespring was printing tshirts on demand and people were making incredible amounts of money. All we had to do was come up with a funny phrase, run ads on Facebook and Teespring would pay us once a "campaign" had ended.

The more I looked into it the more I thought it was something I had to try! I purchased a course and learned the in's and out's of how to profitably run ads on Facebook. The money that I was seeing people make was absolutely insane, more than I'd ever seen people making before and I was aligning myself to be doing the same thing.

The Moment it all Changed...The Moment I Made $1,000 off $100

It took 3 weeks before I had a campaign that hit. It was targeting a specific law in Australia of a passionate group who felt that it was unjust. I came up with a solid 4 word phrase, added a skull I'd found somewhere on the internet and within hours I'd made my first sale...

My first successful Teespring campaign ended up selling 125 units with an ad spend of around $100. I'd just made $1,000 off a shirt I never had to touch, didn't print, didn't package or fulfil. I had the design redone (by a designer) and the next campaign sold 365 off about $500. I'd just made another $3000 in little more than a week. It ran again with similar results...I. WAS. HOOKED.

Three Weeks Later: $300,000 in 3 weeks.

I was feeling excited. Finally I was seeing that it was possible to have all this debt paid off.  Bit by bit I was paying down the debt collectors and credit cards and continued to find new winning phrases.

And that is when things got absolutely insane.

We had stumbled on age campaigns. They were super simple designs "Built to Last - Made in 1963 - Limited Edition". We launched a handful of designs and the next morning woke up to see each one had profited about $200, we'd just made $1000 whilst we slept. I quickly designed the other 25 years, launched the ads, went to bed and saw that each one had done a similar thing to the previous nights earnings.

This time, we hadn't just made $1000 of 5 shirts in 1 night... we'd made $6,000 off 30 shirts...IN A SINGLE NIGHT. In the space of 3 weeks, we made over $300,000. We had completely maxed out all credit cards paying for the ad spend, however, this time we had money coming in that was going to go a long way to help pay back my debt collectors, suppliers & lawyers. Of that $300,000 we had spent about $100,000 on ads.

We could not believe how much money was coming into our accounts. For whatever reason Teespring was unable to pay in more than $10,000 increments. So our $43,000 payout would look like... $10,000, $10,000, $10,000, $10,000, $3,000... but we didn't mind. I still remember hearing the sound of Suhail's laugh in the dungeon of a back room in the back of his video store.

That place smelled of rats and lollies...but the jubilation of the success we were enjoying, the smell of that room did not matter. We were on our way.

I Was Finally Free from Debt

That was our first purple patch, the next, was about 6 weeks later when we had everything translated into German and started running campaigns on Fabrily. In the space of 10 days we'd profited over $100,000. The amount of money that was pouring into our PayPal account was insane. The feeling of relief at being able to pay off all the debt was one of the most amazing feelings of my life. The heaviest weight of my life was finally off my shoulders.

Could you imagine how that would make you feel? Knowing that your bills are paid and that food is on the table in a beautiful house with your family?

That was our first 6 months in Print on Demand selling and since then we have built multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, flown around the world speaking at conferences, meeting friends we had connected with online, masterminding and so much other fun stuff in the ecommerce world.

After 2 successful years on Teespring, over 130,000 shirts sold I started looking for other products that we might be able to sell. It was still early days but I had been hearing whispers of a new platform that allowed us to do Print on Demand Jewelry. I poked around and stumbled on a new company called ShineOn Jewelry.

I was blown away, we could create killer 3d designs that were then cast in sterling silver. The margins were massive, over $50/sale for the silver and in some cases over $100 for the gold! I was theirs and I started getting more and more designs on the platform, testing and scaling.

I found a setup that work, spelling out the word "L.O.V.E" with different elements of a specific niche and scaled it out across as many as I could think of. It was harder than you think, but the creative juices were flowing and I knew how much I could make off being a little more creative than what the other marketers were doing.

This formed the foundation of a relationship with a company that I have grown to love and I've now been selling jewelry successfully with since 2016 experiencing all the highs and lows of an industry that is forever going through changes. 

It's All Sunshine & Rainbows...Until You Need to  Weather Storms

Throughout the past 7 years online there has been a lot of highs and lows that we have had to navigate, extreme success coupled with extremely lean periods, both with their own set of challenges to overcome. We have learned many lessons, both good and bad, but here we are, 7 years in, full-time marketing with the freedom that goes along with it.

I've been lucky enough to raise my kids from home, seeing them grow from the first moments they entered our home, crawling through my legs, seeing their first steps, loving their toddling in to give me cuddles as they went about their days, hearing them laughing, giggling and having fun in the same place that I work and I've never missed an event they've had due to having to work.

The reason I started in ecom all those years ago was because I was following my "Why". To this day, I still do, it is so strong that I am unshakeable in my belief that I will have a better tomorrow. I am tunnel visioned and no amount of stress, or unhappiness can shake me from what I know to be fact. That I am on a mission of freedom. Are you? A life that you get to choose what you do, when you want to do it, and who to do it with?

This is why, after 7 years in Print on Demand, and 10 years in eCommerce that this is my/our first course. Never did we believe before, that we had the experience, the knowledge and everything else that went in to running a successful Print on Demand business. We never felt that we could truly offer our best...until now. 

In the lead up to Q4, we'd just started running some new campaigns preparing for the biggest Christmas of our lives when 2 of our Business Managers (how we run ads on Facebook) were shut down...for 2 months! We had no way of running ads and it was at this time that we started to think the universe was trying to tell us something...

I had a feeling that something big was coming. I'd just listened to 3 amazing books that set me on a course of crushing the next few months. I started meditating daily, seeing, feeling, believing that I was going to achieve massive abundance...

3 days after the USA elections we had our accounts back, no explanation, nothing.

We got busy, extremely busy. We referenced the quotes we'd put together (I give you this spreadsheet for you to use inside the course) over that two month period, had them designed whilst "offline" and hit the ground running. Within 3 weeks we had hit 3 absolute monster campaigns (1 of which I deep dive with you in the course...I show you a viral product...that is still selling so you know exactly what sells!) and it was game on. 

One of the hardest things in the Print on Demand industry is finding products that not only scale, but are actually great quality, easy to work with, fast to scale and most importantly have decent margin in order to scale hard and take home a tidy profit.

Massive Profit with Print on Demand Jewelry 

Since it's inception since late 2018, Print Card Jewelry has absolutely crushed in the POD industry. Why? Because now it is so easy to create a design, upload, launch ads and have sales coming in within an hour. 

The scale is massive, the more you launch, the greater your success so it stands to reason the faster the launch phase the quicker it is that you can start scaling products. Having great quality products in an industry that is seemingly heavily reliant on the downwards pressure of prices, finding quality pieces to sell that have a low cost and a high perceived value is incredibly difficult.

We have taken our learnings from our 7 years in POD and distilled it into this course that is going to have you scaling your own viral designs faster than you thought imaginable. And our methods and strategies can be easily applied to any Print on Demand product imaginable.

Jewelry Juggernaut will take YOU through the steps of building a branded Shopify Store that people trust, creating products people need and scaling so the maximum amount of people are purchasing your viral products.

By showing you the foundations with "Over the Shoulder" phrase & quote research,  the elements of a 6 figure winners,  the viral launch setup and scaling to $40,000+ days, I will take you from a novice to an expert, unmotivated to unstoppable, inconsistent to an absolute Jewelry Juggernaut.

This is not a GURU course. This Course Is Built off 7 Years of Blood, Sweat & Tears...

Most courses are put together by "gurus" who have had one success, fail to find another winning product or phrase then create a course to market to unsuspecting, new entrepreneurs. This is why it has taken me 7 years to put a course together that I truly believed in. I never felt I truly had something of value, something that could help people go from dead broke, to running hugely successful print on demand business.

Until now. Unlike the gurus, I have experience the incredible highs, the extreme lows, all the Facebook algorithm changes, changing markets and trends and put together a truly valuable course that will help you not only navigate those future changes yourself, but smash through them head on into the life you've always dreamed of.

Now Imagine, 0-$732,701.35 in 3 weeks. What would that do for you?

Once you have the systems in place it will only be a matter of time before you're able to achieve those kinds of numbers yourself. Not only that, but you will have a consistently profitable business year round that you are. incredibly proud of.

ShineOn Dash min

Product Unveil. 2,862 Units Sold in 18 Days.

Day 1....2 sales @ $1.79ea, Day 2...18 sales @ $12.06ea, Day 3... 125 sales @ $10.35. It was BLOWING up. So between November 30 and December 18 (18 Days) I had sold 2,862 units...Spent $77,437.73 on ads, and profited $116.626.50 before ad spend.

So this 1 product had made me $39,188.77 in 18 days!


Introducing...7 Years in the Making

The Jewelry Juggernaut

The Jewelry Juggernaut Course

Here is What You Get Inside the Course

If you've ever struggled with inconsistent results, wildly fluctuating ads, far too much debt than this is the course for you. I take you through all the different facets of running a successful Print on Demand business. Below you will see what is included in the course.

  • Over 50 Videos and free updates on any important changes and new videos added ($3695)
  • Get a FULL PRODUCT REVEAL of the product I scaled to make $39,188.77 cold hard cash in just 16 days (valued at $1995)
  • Get the EXACT LAUNCH & SCALING STRATEGY we have used and refined over 7 years that has created multiple 6 & 7 figure POD businesses. (valued at $2995)
  • Get the QUOTE & PHRASE Creation Spreadsheet that Supercharges Your Phrase Building Output (valued at $995)
  • Get the ELEMENTS OF A 6 FIGURE WINNER Strategy. A process that will allow you to create incredibly UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND products people HAVE to have! ($2995)
  • Branded SHOPIFY STORE TUTORIAL. Create a store that exudes trust from the moment your visitors see your store. (valued at $495)

Total Value - $13,170 

Today's Price - $597

  • How to find 5 and 6-figure products with 6 of my favorite research methods
  • How to create your own VIRAL PRODUCTS
  • How to create unlimited Moneymaker Phrases with the phrase builder
  • How to create a HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook Community that LOVE you!
  • How to create Viral Ad Launches testing with super low budgets.
  • Find out my relatively unknown POD partner! (That has HUGE profits)

  • How to Create Facebook Ads, Custom Audiences & Lookalikes in Over the Shoulder Lessons
  • How to Create Niches on Demand by following a simple method that increases your chances of success exponentially
  • How to Hire Staff, Job Descriptions & SOP's
  • How to HANDLE SUDDEN Success
  • How-to Mini Google Ads Course + Must Have Email Flows
  • How to create a Launch Schedule for Consistency

This Course Can Work for anybody, especially if...

  • You're a complete beginner when it comes to ecommerce, print-on-demand, or Facebook Ads.
  • You're a professional ecommerce company owner looking to step up the game with sophisticated ad strategies.
  • You don't have a lot of money to begin with.
  • You want a thorough course with real-world explanations and case studies by someone who doesn't make a living solely by selling courses, but by his own Print on Demand businesses.

What People Are Saying About The Jewelry Juggernaut

The Jewelry Juggernaut Course Testimonial

“When I started to really niche down I sold like 80 necklaces of one design”

Before trying Ronnie's strategy I was blowing money like crazy, following what the masses were doing, spending $100 a test.

With Ronnie's viral ad testing strategy starting with 5 bucks I thought no way but when I tried it, BAM, sales came in!

I was also going for huge niches like husband to wife or wife to husband and I would blow $100 with one sale....when I started to really niche down I sold like 80 necklaces off one design and I have never done that, I would just get 4 here, 5 there, 3 here.

Joel Espinal
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“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

"I've known Ronnie and Suhail for over 5 years. They have been at the top of the POD world ever since the Teespring days.They have helped me in many ways from hiring VAs to increasing my ShineOn sales.

I tended to overthink things, but it was an eye opener finding out how simple it was to increase my sales by making better ads and optimizing my Shopify store. Thanks to them my ROAS and store conversion rates have both improved. I highly recommend them!"

Kevin Uribe

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Total Value - $13,170 

Today's Price - $597

If you're ready to commit to a new life of running a consistently profitable ecommerce business then click the big orange button below. 

This is now only for the action takers and the ones that are willing and that know that real change starts with taking that first step. I hope to see you on the other side.

The Jewelry Juggernaut

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Ronnie McKenzie

Founder of

Creator of Jewelry Juggernaut

About the Author

Ronnie is an out of the box character and loves to have fun with all that he does. Not only is he an industry veteran he has made a full time living from the Print on Demand world, spoken at several conferences around the world and written dozens of articles on Storehacks.

Together with his business partner Suhail Mahadevan, they have created multiple 6 & 7 figure POD businesses and bring their expertise to you in their first course, The Jewelry Juggernaut - The Profitable POD Fast Track.

What Makes The Jewelry Juggernaut Better Than The Other Courses?

Tbh, I can't truly say that it is. What I can tell you is, that unlike many other courses available mine is backed by 7 years of Print on Demand experience. Experience from being in the trenches, full-time, 365, 24/7. We have lived and breathed this industry, been through the huge highs and equally some pretty bad lows.

It is this experience that we have distilled into this course with over 50 videos sharing with you the tips, tricks and strategies that can only come from true experience in an ever-changing industry. For the past 3 years I have shared in-depth articles, reviews, strategies and case studies explaining how we do what we do. We have never offered a course before because we never truly believed we had something of value...until now.

I Don't Have the Money to Invest In a Course Right Now

I know the feeling, I've been there. You really want something, but at the time it is far too difficult to scrape the money together to make that purchase. This is the reason why we have offered not only the payment plan that allows you to pay for the course over 3 months, but we've offered a 30-Day Risk Free, Money back guarantee.

That means, if you follow the exact strategies I have covered in this course and you are not in a far greater position than where you are now, then I will happily refund you the full purchase price. 

You must remember, the cost of doing it alone is always far greater than having a mentor show you the way. Success leaves trails and you can find that trail by clicking the orange button below! Positive action will get positive results.

The Jewelry Juggernaut Course

This is What You're About to Access

  • Backed by 7 years of Print on Demand experience...
  • You get the expertise of not 1, but 4 experts in this one course.
  • You get the spreadsheet we use to develop endless phrases for testing.
  • You get access to our exact launch and scaling strategy for Facebook ads.
  • Video, Slides & Writable Worksheets
  • Phrase Development Worksheet for Exploding Your Phrase Output

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your results in the 30 days after purchasing after watching the training and implementing the time tested strategies, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.: One thing you must know, the price of this course will be increasing in the coming days. Today is the cheapest you are ever going to find it so don't put it off any longer if you want to save those extra dollars and have them handy for testing a few more pieces with the phrases I teach you in this course.

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