RETARGETING: The Strategy I Used to Make $88,475 off $19,831.22 in One Month.

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The top secret strategy to Facebook dynamic product ads will keep fresh ads in front of the visitors who have already seen your store. Keeping them engaged and falling in love with your brand is vital to your stores overall success.

With peoples attention spans getting shorter we need to keep relevant and sometimes interrupting (yet still professional) advertisements in our customers feeds.

It is through retargeting that we can get to know our customers more intimately and have tailored messages going to them to help them feel comfortable with your brand.

DPA ads help with displaying the correct products to the right people with different messages at the correct time in their journey to checking out.

In this guide I will show you;

  • How create Audiences for Retargeting
  • Audience Setup for Funnel
  • How to create product catalog ads
  • Discount code implementation
  • The Step-by-Step funnel

This is the exact funnel we use to unlock $88,475 off $19,831.22 in ad spend.

The Top Secret Step-by-Step Strategy to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

To be able to setup this Retargeting Strategy you will need to have a DPA Catalog already created on Facebook for your store. If you don't know what that is or how to set it up check out How to Set Up a DPA Feed for Shopify.

This is a strategy we have come to love as it has provides consistent results for months. The reason being, it's continually showing new content to the retargeting audience so the content remains fresh.

While the setup may seem overwhelming, once it is in place you can set and forget and reap the rewards for months to come.

Creating the Audiences for Browser or Cart Abandonment

When it comes to retargeting being innovative is key, creating ways of re-engaging with customers is crucial once they have left your site.

We always run our own retargeting in conjunction with other apps (Shoelace Retargeting) as there are always more opportunities available.

Now this is high level stuff. No longer is it 1 retargeting ad per product, it is offering a variety of options throughout a customers journey.

The Audiences

The first 0-3 days is the sweet spot for getting those potential customers returning and we create the retargeting audiences as follows;

  • 0-3 Days – Exclude Purchasers – No Discount – DPA
  • 3-7 Days – Exclude Purchasers – Exclude 3 Day Audience – 10% Discount – DPA
  • 7-14 Days – Exclude Purchasers – Exclude 7 Day Audience – 15% Discount – DPA
  • 14-28 Days – Exclude Purchasers – Exclude 14 Day Audience – 20% Discount – DPA
  • 28-90 Days – This is considered the win-back pocket. Steep discounts are the way back if we are going to convert this audience. Taking the hit here will be worth it for the overall LTV.
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
List of Audiences to Create

How to Set Up the Audiences Correctly

Step 1. 0-3 Days Audience.

  • From your Audiences tab in business manager click “Create a Custom Audience”

    Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
    Click Create a Custom Audience
  • Select “Website traffic”
  • Select the correct pixel (it should be green from all that traffic you've been sending through it).
  • Leave the option selected as “All website visitors” in the past “3” days.


  • Exclude “Purchase” Event
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
0 3 Day Audience. Excl Purchases
  • When you get to the advertising be sure to exclude the previous audience in the list, i.e. When retargeting with the 3-7 Day Audience, exclude the 0-3 Day Audience.
  • The below screenshot is from the Ad Set level when setting up your campaign.
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
3 7 Audience Excl. 0 3 Day Audience
  • Continue this process until you have created the full sequence of audiences, then move on to setting up your ads.

Create Your Dynamic Product Catalog Ad

This is where it all starts coming together. Now that the audiences have been created, this guide will walk you through how to use them in conjunction with your Product Catalog on Facebook.

If you haven't setup your catalog then follow this guide here “How to Set Up Dynamic Product Ads for Shopify”

0-3 Day Specific Product Ad

Customers can abandon shopping carts or just drop off the site for a variety of reasons.

Bringing the visitor back to what they were looking at is key and it's your job to help them finish the process of checking out.

The Ad

Step 1 – The Campaign
  • Select “Catalog Sales”
  • Choose correct catalog and name your campaign. We name them with a consecutive number so we can quickly find the campaigns we are working on. As previously discussed.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Step 2 – The Ad Set
  • Name your ad set “0-3 Day Audience – Excluding Purchases.”
  • Select “All Products” from the Product set dropdown menu.Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • EDIT: There are now several ways you can create these same audiences. When creating your ad set you can create a “Custom combination” with the same setup.Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Alternatively, configure as per below.Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Targeting worldwide will ensure you are targeting all customers that have viewed your products.
  • People may show their family and friends that may not live in the country you were originally targeting. This will also retarget those who stopped by after finding your site from other platforms or search engines.Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Set your budget at $10/day if you're just starting out and haven't run any top of funnel traffic. Alternatively you'll need to adjust according to the size of the saved audience if you have been running top of funnel traffic.
Step 3 – The Ad
  • Name the Ad “0-3 Day Audience Excluding Purchases”
  • Select the correct page and Instagram account. If you don't have an insta account choose “Use the selected Facebook page”
  • Choose “Carousel” for Format

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

  • In the “Links” section choose your See more URL.
  • Put your copy in the box box provided.

👋 🛑 Did life get in the way? We know life gets busy so we've kept your order in your cart! 🛑 😁

Come back now to finish your purchase!

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

  • Click “Show advanced options”

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

NOTE: Make sure you select the correct pixel. The above example is incorrect. Make sure you have your stores pixel set for conversions

  • Click “Confirm” and wait for your ad to be approved.

Your Discount Codes

At present (as far as we are aware). There is no way to create linkable discount codes for DPA Advertising.

You will need to create discount codes in Shopify and include it in the copy of your ad. Below we have shown you how to do the first for your 10% discount.

Step 1 – The Discount Code
  • From your Shopify dash, click “Discounts”

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

  • Choose either “Generate code” or input your own.
  • Enter “10% Discount value”
  • Applies to “Entire order”
  • Customer eligibility for “Everyone”
  • No usage limit
  • No end date
  • Click “Save discount”

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

  • On the confirmation screen click “Get shareable link”
Step 2 – The ad – In the same retargeting campaign. Create another ad set.
  • Follow the ad setup as previously explained. Except this time we are just changing the copy.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Conclusion – Now get those sales popping!

Once you have created all the ads in your retargeting it is time to click confirm and getting that top end traffic coming back and converting into lifelong customers.

Once your customer has checked out it is then up to you to nurture them and have them turn into brand evangelists by providing an exceptional customer experience.

This funnel is where you will find your cheapest conversions and most importantly, due to having created a series of audiences, you will be running a highly effective retargeting funnel. It really is like shooting fish in a barrel.

If you have found value in this article and will be implementing the strategy we would love you to share it within your networks. If you have any questions be sure do ask them in the comments section below.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads





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  1. So lets say I run an ad for the 7-14 retargeting, do I get charged daily, or only when FB Pixel detects that a person hasn’t bought something for the 8th day for example? In other words, the ads only start charging me when the criteria that a person who has bought anything in 8 days correct?

    Also, why do you use Catalog Sales/carousel ads instead of Conversion/View content and Single Image?


    • Hey John,

      Thanks for the question. You will set a budget as to how much you will want to spend per day (It would be nice if you were only charged when someone purchased but that’s not how it works).

      The idea of retargeting with the catalogue is that it is showing the exact product the visitor was looking at or showing a previous customer a collection of products that suit them, i.e. cross-selling, up-selling.

      The whole purpose of the retargeting strategy is to make a sale and have a system in place to ensure everything is being retargeted. If you’re launched 25+ campaigns a week and scaling it becomes hugely cumbersome having to specifically retarget each product.

  2. Thanks for always bringing so much value on the table. Much Appreciated!
    I have a question regarding the optimization and delivery part under Adset level. Do you recommend to optimize for Conversion events or Link Click ( Since audience is already warm )? If Conversion events, event type would be View Content or Purchases?
    Thank you

    • Hey Ritesh,

      Thanks for the message. I always go for the purchase conversion. If the audience is warm you should have no problem converting them from there. Just make sure you test each on a number of different campaigns before you make a decision one way or the other that it works.


  3. Hello Ronnie!

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question.

    How do you create a 3-7 or 7-14 day visitor audience?

    Do you just create a ‘in the last 7 days’ audience and a in the last 14 days audience, then exclude the other audiences at ad set level?

  4. Hey Ronnie, I”m trying to create a retargeting ad for specific products, but if we choose carousel, then wouldn’t all the products in that product set be shown? Or is it only that 1 product that they look at?

    • Great question, if you get the answer let me know! haha.

      As far as I’m aware, they show the exact product a visitor was looking at, any subsequent ones I assume (wrongly or rightly) are optimised for that person. I have had a lot of success with carousel ads no matter what it does.

      • Thanks Ronnie! What kind of CTR’s are considered good metrics? And it’s only my 1st day running this, but my CPM’s are over 70! Is that normal?

        • CPM’s that high suck. Is it a brand new Facebook page? If so you should start sharing content your audience with love and boosting the odd post. $70 CPM’s make it very difficult to get enough eyeballs on a product to sell.

  5. Hi Ronnie.
    First of all, your contents are really great especially with all the steps and visual to help us out. A big thank you to you.
    I’ve created all the Audiences Groups that you mentioned above. After FB populates the results, it shows: “Audience too small” for all of the groups except “28-90 Days – Exclude Purchaser – Exclude 28 Days Audience”.
    So do I still go on and create all the Ads Campaigns or just target that only “28-90 Days – Exclude Purchaser – Exclude 28 Days Audience”?

    • Hi Garry, Audiences within Facebook won’t show what size they are for anything under 1000 visitors now. I would still test them for sure. Facebook should still have that data but its only through testing that you will see if it will work for you.

      PS thank you for the kinds words! Love hearing feedback.


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