Spocket Review: How Spocket is changing the drop shipping world

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This Spocket review will show you how and why the company is changing the ecommerce drop shipping industry.

Now, here's what you're thinking:

“But why would Spocket want to change the world of drop shipping? Drop shipping is great! It's quick and easy for me!

I sit in the comfort of my own home and build a business based around a product that I’ve never seen. “

But if you passed grade school, you’ll know that this business model isn’t exactly sustainable.


It’s hard to build trust with your customers when it takes several months for them to get their purchase.

It’s very hard to build trust when your customer has to send a faulty product back to Zhangjialouzhen province, China.

It’s impossible to build trust when the product received is completely different from the product ordered.

bad purchase from alibaba

The subreddit ‘expectations vs reality’ has some fine examples of drop shipping victims.

And while Oberlo does a very good job, unfortunately, most of its products are sourced from a far off region of China, take a ridiculous time to get there, and occasionally look nothing like what was ordered.

But that’s where Spocket comes in.  

In this Spocket review, you'll see why the basic principles of this app can change the face of drop shipping for the better.


Spocket is an ecommerce app that connects to your online store, and like Oberlo, it syncs products from drop shipping suppliers to your web store.

The difference?

You decide where your products are sent from.

This means products are fulfilled quicker and it’s a lot easier to manage returns and refunds.

In this Spocket review, you’ll see:

So if you’ve come here expecting to make a few hundred thousand drop shipping bikinis on summer break, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

If you want to use the Shopify drop shipping model to build a solid trustworthy ecommerce brand, well then, you’re in the right place.

Spocket review: What is Spocket?

spocket is great for drop shipping

Spocket is an app that connects to your Shopify or WooCommerce site and automatically lists products in your store.

Nothing revolutionary.

But as you read earlier, Spocket is different as you decide where your products are sourced from.

And these parts of the world are more than likely home to where there’s the most demand for your product. Therefore, your customer only has to wait between 2 and 5 business days for their product to arrive.

This leaves Alibaba for dead, where people in the US, Australia and EU have to wait up to several months sometimes.

Bonus points to Spocket, too, as you can order sample products to your door before selling a product.

This means that you can inspect a product for yourself before putting your own name behind it. This is a step in the right direction, as…well, you know what you’re selling before you’re selling it.

How does Spocket work?

Spocket works in a similar way to Oberlo and other drop shipping plugins.

Its sole purpose is to take care of the delivery and fulfillment process of your business, so you can focus on marketing and expansion. It takes care of logistics, you focus on whatever else you want to focus on.

Later in this article, you’ll see how to use Spocket specifically, but for the most part, the way it operates is pretty standard.

  • Sign up for an account
  • Add the plugin to your Shopify or WooCommerce store
  • Browse a wide range of products that you want to see
  • Set your sale price and other specific details
  • List them in your online store
  • Products are sold and sent directly from the EU or US warehouse to your customer.

As mentioned, products are located in the US or EU. When browsing products, you’re also able to filter product by the area they’re available in. So if your audience is in the EU and you don’t want to send products from the US to the EU, you can easily find products that are just in Europe.

Spocket review: features

There are a number of features that set Spocket aside from its closest competitors. In this Spocket review, you'll get a close look at all Spocket's unique features.

Read the section below to see how Spocket can best make your drop shipping business easier.

Quick shipping

As the suppliers of Spocket products are located centrally to your customer, they get their product fast.

Products are sent from:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands

Rarely does it take more than 5 working days for a product to arrive. A customer who gets their order quicker is a happy customer and is more likely to buy from you again.

Sample orders

One of the massive downsides of the drop shipping business model is that you don’t actually see what you’re selling to your customer unless you buy your own product. But with Spocket, you can order sample products and check them out in great detail.

spocket order sample products

You’re able to inspect the quality of the product before you go ahead and start selling it. Plus, with the same of the product you’re selling, you can take your own product photos rather than using the generic photos that are provided. This gives you an edge over anyone else selling the same product as you.

A wide range of products

As mentioned, you can list products based on their location meaning your customer’s don’t have to wait too long.

But you’ve also got access to a staggering number of things you can see. Regardless if you’ve already got your business idea or not, Spocket probably has the perfect product for you to sell. Browse their range to find a niche product, or go there to find a product to sell to your already defined niche.

White label invoicing

One of the best things about selling with Spocket is that your invoices and product packaging are all white-labeled. That is, it’s impossible for your customer to tell that the product wasn’t sent from your own warehouse.

This goes right down to the paperwork.

Invoices and receipts that you send to your customers can even be branded with your logo.

Consistent branding like this helps you deliver a better buying experience for your customer. This, in turn, keeps your name in their mind a little longer and they’re more likely to return to you in the future.


A pretty standard feature in the world of drop shipping, but worth mentioning nevertheless. When your customer makes an order, their details are sent directly to the warehouse where your product is stored. Then, without getting involved, the product is shipped directly to your customer.

You get an email notification when the product is sent, as does your customer. Both you and your customer also get a tracking number so you can see where the product is at any point.

Mark-up ability

Pricing a product is never easy, but Spockets ‘mark-up’ function makes it significantly easier to automate the pricing of products. You can mark products up by:

  • Percentage – eg, +36% on all shirts, +12% on all phone cases
  • Multiplier – eg, +1.5x on all shirts, +2.75x on all phone cases
  • Flat rate – eg, +$17.99 on all shirts, +$6.99 on all phone cases

This gives you the flexibility to control your profits and cash flow and ultimately create a stronger business.

Product customization

While each product that’s added to your store from Spocket comes complete, ready to sell, you’d be a fool to not do some customisation.

Things like page titles, metadata, product descriptions, and tags are only going to help your SEO efforts. It’s highly recommended that you write these for each and every product, too. You can also fine tune the product variants that are listed in your store – don’t want to sell the grey backpack, then remove it as a variant.

Spocket pricing

No review of an app would be complete without anayzing it's pricing.

Spocket pricing comes in three tiers – all things considered, it’s relatively straight forward.

  • This will be a table that simply mimics the features and pricing of the Spocket pricing page

But let’s look a little closer at these numbers.

The free version is a great option for you to get started – simply because it’s free. Use this to integrate the plugin and products to your website, and perhaps make a few initial sales. But it’s highly recommended that you use the Pro Plan if you’re serious about starting a serious ecommerce brand.

The first reason being that at this price level, you have access to white-label invoicing. And as you read earlier, this is crucial to create solid branding for your business and build trust.

Furthermore, the Pro plan gives you access to premium products. If you’re trying to sell products in a niche, these are the products you want to use as they’re not readily available elsewhere online.

If you’re interested in starting your drop shipping adventure with Spocket and Shopify, consider this

Basic Shopify Plan – $29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction

Pro Spocket Plan – $39 per month

So you’ll be charged a minimum of $70USD per month, regardless of your sales.

When budgeting like this, it’s easy to see how the ‘mark up’ feature of the product pricing is a few handy assets!

Spocket review: pros and cons

Rather than go into deep detail about the pros and cons of Sproket, it’s perhaps easier to just summarize the above list of features:

  • Quick shipping
  • Sample orders
  • Mark-up ability
  • Product customization
  • Wide range
  • White label
  • Automation

These features are also the pros and advantages that Spocket has over its competitors.

To address, the cons, well, there aren’t really many.

Now in this Spocket review, you'll see how to add the app to your Shopify store.

How to use Spocket

Adding Spocket to your Shopify store is as simple as adding any other app.

Click here to add Spocket to your Shopify store

Once it’s installed, in the left hand column of your Shopify store, click on ‘Apps’ and then click on ‘Spocket’.

installing the spocket app

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be greeted and shown how to use Spocket.

browsing spocket

If you decide to skip ahead, or you’re still lost after the little walk-through, navigating around is relatively straight forward.

In the picture below, you can see how the main page of Spocket is laid out.

list of spocket products

The navigation bar is at the top and this allows you to find what you’re looking for. The products that you are shown, reveal a decent amount of detail about them.

  • Name
  • Manufacturer name and location
  • Price & retail price
  • Any extra discounts
  • Premium product indicator

Look at the image below to see the impressive range of product categories that Spocket has on offer:

spocket categories

Once you’ve found a product that you’d like to sell on your store, click ‘Add to import list’.

The product will be added to an import list. Your import list is where you make all the final changes to a product before listing it in your own store.

In the image below, you can see the elements that you can personalize before the product is pushed into your own online store.

add product to spocket store

Once your product is listed in your online store, it’s time to drive traffic to your store and get some sales!

When you do get a sale, the information will appear in the ‘Orders’ tab of your Spocket interface.

As mentioned earlier, all data is pushed directly to the manufacturer's warehouse, so you don’t actually have to do anything at this point.

From here on in though, you’re able to manage your Spocket orders the same way you would manage any other order in your Shopify store.

Who is Spocket best suited for?

As mentioned at the start of this Spocket review, the Ecommerce industry has done a good job of selling drop shipping as a sexy business model. The fact of the matter is that you can’t make $174,291 in one weekend while sitting on the couch in your underwear.

So if you’ve come here thinking that you can do the above, Spocket (and ecommerce) isn’t for you.

So who is Spocket ideal for?

Spocket is best suited to those who want to get started in the world of ecommerce using the drop shipping model. Selling US and EU based products means that you're able to deliver a product to your customer without them having to wait 38 weeks for it to come from Asia. This means that you can build a stronger brand that people genuinely want to be a part of.

Spocket review – conclusion:

If you want to build an ecommerce brand from the ground up, that people genuinely want to be a part of, then Spocket is for you.

As you’ve seen there are a few things that set Spocket apart from other drop shipping sources, but the one thing, and, by far, the most powerful, is the fact that you control where your product comes from.

This is a step in the right direction. It’s a step towards making it easier for those that use dropshipping to make their customer happier and stay competitive.

Click here to start using Spocket now!

Hopefully this Spocket review has taught you a little about this newcomer to the world of drop shipping. What are your thoughts on Spocket?

Let us know in the comments!


Spocket Review

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