DropHippo review: A New Way To Source Quality Dropshipping Products.

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to create a dropshipping or POD site. But no matter what you sell, sourcing quality products and keeping that quality consistent will always be a struggle. 

That’s where DropHippo comes and saves the day. 

DropHippo is a Dropshipping sourcing app that works with Shopify stores. The service makes it easy for you to source a quality product from Chinese manufacturers and deliver it to your customers anywhere in the world. 

In this DropHippo review, we’ll cover

  • DropHippo products & services
  • How DropHippo works
  • How to use DropHippo as part of your business

Let’s dive in:

What is DropHippo?

DropHippo is a Shopify app that you use to source and fulfil products for your store. 


Once connected, there is a range of products that you can automatically start selling. Alternatively, the DropHippo team can source a product that you’re already selling and list it privately on the app so only your store can see it. The company deals directly with manufacturers in China, so they can either work with your existing supplier or find another. 

Once connected, product information is pushed to your product pages, and order information is automatically sent to the suppliers when you pay in the app. Products are then dispatched to your customer, just like when you use a POD app on your store. 

The main focus with DropHippo, though, is the ease of use when sourcing a new product. You don’t have to work directly with Chinese-based manufacturers as DropHippo handles all that side for you. 

Why is Working with Drophippo Better Than Direct with China?

Many dropshippers say that the biggest problem in their business is dealing with Chinese manufacturers directly. Language barriers, timezone differences, and the general struggle to respond to many suppliers can make it challenging to establish a long-term business based on the Dropshipping model. 

If you’re lucky enough to find the product you want to sell, it’s not uncommon for orders to go missing and suppliers to wipe their hands of any responsibility. In the end, you’re the one left out of pocket. 

DropHippo solves all of those problems and more.

The DropHippo team has feet on the ground in China at their Shenzen warehouse, whose sole responsibility is to find a new source for the products you want to sell. They take it upon themselves to get that product made at scale and on-demand and integrated into the DropHippo app to make it as easy as possible for you to sell. 

This also makes it easier for orders to be tracked. Every order that’s sent from a DropHippo-approved manufacturer is tracked with their AI-based software. If it deviates off track slightly, it’s automatically put back on the right path. 

‘Nice to haves.’

DropHippo isn’t just about easily sourcing good products. It’s a comprehensive suite that helps you manage and automate as much of your ecommerce store as possible and provide the best possible buying experience to your customer. 


Dashboard & Analytics

The DropHippo Dashboard has a fantastic analytics view that can give a comprehensive overview of important features in the blink of an eye. Orders, estimated delivery times, profits, and price changes are one place to assess data that can influence your business.  

US/UK fulfilment centres

If your business is growing and scaling, faster supplies times are essential. DropHippo has warehouses in both the US and UK where your product can be stored in bulk. Orders dispatched from the US or UK/EU region means your product gets to your customers quicker. 


If you choose to use DropHippo’s fulfilment service, the team can provide you with an accurate shipping time for each country from their AI tracking system. The product’s location and manufacturer play a big role in this, but the fact remains: you can decide not to stock a product if the delivery time is too much or choose to use one of their USA or UK fulfilment centres to decrease shipping times. 

Customer service

Their class-leading customer service team offers you help in English, as well as French and Arabic. They’re there to help you with any questions you may have, no matter how small.


As Payoneer VIP Partners, DropHippo also accepts payments via Payoneer. This makes it easy for you to manage your payments and send money where it needs to go. There are low fees, payments are quick and being able to operate in multiple currencies not only opens you up to more localised markets, but it’s also like having a bank account in all these different currencies. 

Private listings

If you’re onto a good idea, you want to keep it to yourself. When DropHippo sources a new product for you, this is listed privately on DropHippo’s app by default. This means that your product is hidden from DropHippo public product list, and you stay poised to dominate that niche. 

DropHippo & Amazon

Dropshipping is a fantastic way to take advantage of the Amazon world, and again, DropHippo can help. Your products can be ordered in bulk and sent from their Shenzen warehouse to any Amazon Fulfilment Centre. This means that you can send your dropshipped products via FBA, and Amazon can become a core sales channel for your business. 

Does it only work with Shopify?

At the moment, the DropHippo app is only available as a Shopify app. They are integrating with WooCommerce and AliExpress, but there’s no planned release date as of yet. For volume sellers, the team at DropHippo can connect and automate fulfilment with any online platform using ShipStation at no additional cost.

What products are available?

DropHippo’s public product library only showcases a few products. Their Facebook group is a great source of finding who is selling what, but the best way to see all the latest products and their entire catalogue is to install the app. 

Custom Sourcing

If you’re already selling a product, or you’ve found a product on AliExpress that you’d like to sell, the DropHippo team will source that product themselves and incorporate it into their platform. This means that you’ll be able to sell that product through the DropHippo platform and make the most of all the other features that DropHippo has to offer without dealing with the AliExpress manufacturers yourself. 

DropHippo FAQ

Here are some common questions we’ve seen other uses asking about DropHippo

Is there any Chinese packaging?

DropHippo ensures that products are sent to your customer free of Chinese packaging. DropHippo can also provide customized or branded packaging and inserts should you require this at cost price. They believe that offering this at cost price is the most competitive way to ensure that you and your business remain competitive.

How much does it cost?

DropHippo is a free service to use. They avoided a subscription-based model to keep the world of Dropshipping open to as many people as possible. DropHippo adds a small fee to each order, and this is how they can keep the app and services completely free of charge. 

App store reviews

DropHippo’s App Store reviews are few and far between – there aren’t many due to the secrecy aspect of Dropshipping. That’s because most people only leave reviews when they’re unhappy to serve as a warning to others – and if you take a look at DropHippo’s app store reviews, that’s what you’ll see. Most reviews are from customers that were unhappy that DropHippo couldn’t source their product – which, yes, does happen from time to time. 

If you want to see DropHippo’s app store reviews, the app store is the best place to find it. If you want to see what people who are using DropHippo think, look at the DropHippo Facebook group. The staff use this group as a source of feedback and a method of improving the product. 


DropHippo is a great tool if you’re new to the world of Dropshipping or an experienced seller, or you’re sick of dealing with Chinese manufacturers yourself. The tool is easy to use, simple to operate and can help you change the way you source your product. 


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