3 High Margin Print on Demand Products You Have to Sell

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Print on Demand shoes was one of the first highest margin products. After having sold over $2,000,000 worth of apparel having an extra $30+ per sale on each order was a welcome bonus.

Since then there have been other products that add a significant boost to your bottom line and in this article, I am going to share with you my favorites.

The trick to success with POD is finding products that are innovative, unique, and most importantly with a profit of at least $30+ per sale. This is important especially as you start to test and ultimately scale with your Facebook marketing.

What always happens with scaling on Facebook is that when you find winning products your CPA (cost per acquisition) is generally very cheap. Depending on how big a winner you have on your hands will determine how long those conversions stay cheap.

As you start to scale the CPA increases. There are ways to keep it down, but ultimately the way to make more money, faster, is by making sure you have room in your margin that allows you to be aggressive in scaling.

To be honest, this is an article that I need to regularly update. As I was searching for a topic for my next YouTube video I had this Ahuh moment. I am constantly trying to find the content you won't find anywhere else. If I've not seen it I take that as a sign, not that I go looking for it for justification.

In any case, I will share with you 3 high-margin print on demand products that have worked for me and how they too can work for you.

3 High Margin Print on Demand Products You Have to Sell

Print on Demand Shoes

Print on Demand Shoes

There are several companies that are now selling print on demand shoes. When I started Need Those Sneakers in 2017 Pillow Profits was the only one offering this type of product. I was freaking out when I first launched that store as the growth was explosive.

I went from $0 to over $5,000 in ad spend in a day within 3 weeks. I had never seen the product, I had never touched the product and I had hundreds of orders yet to be fulfilled. The only reason I stayed the course was I was in direct contact with the founder of Pillow Profits after an intro from another CEO.

Not everyone has that luxury I know. As print on demand shoes have now been around some time people know what to expect.

Granted I haven't sold sneakers for some time there is still definitely action happening in this area. Judging from my trusty SpyPro tool I can see that the high tops offered by InkPodFulfilment are the ones that are selling best.

Of the top 15 products in my search above, 10 of those products are offered by InkPod.

In SpyPro I restricted the date range to this year, ad reactions more than 500 (it's a great indication of the merchant investing in ads) and using the search term “Sneakers”.

This search shows a couple of things. The shoes have very limited text, and in most cases are just patterns. I will add a “How to” video to my schedule for creating seamless patterns on Canva. It seems pretty easy and again, if you don't have Canva pro it is definitely worth it!

The Numbers

Using the example above, the Basketball Shoes that are super hot right now are $33.99USD including free shipping. The merchant is selling them for anywhere between $95 – $108!!!

That is absolutely HUGE! That means, on each sale, they are making at least $61USD

With most suppliers, if the merchant is selling volume it is not uncommon to be given a discount on that wholesale cost.

Profit Per Sale = $61USD

Print on Demand Shoe Fulfillment Companies

Print on Demand Jewelry

Print on Demand Shoes Jewelry

Print on Demand Jewelry is my jam, it's what allowed me to do $732,701.35 in 3 weeks. The reason I love jewelry so much?

There are several. Firstly, it is super easy for us to create the designs very quickly. Meaning if we get a great idea we aren't waiting on our designers to get the artwork back to us to launch.

With the use of Canva Pro we can have a design created within 10 minutes. Secondly, the margin on the base product is great, with the upsells, fantastic. Thirdly, the sipping times are incredible.

Oftentimes items are printed, packaged, and shipped in 3 business days which means the customers can have their orders within a week.

The Numbers

On the Alluring Beauty (which is my fav to sell) the base price is $11.70+$5.17 Shipping. This puts the total base price at $16.87. I don't sell these pieces for less than $49.99. Straight up, that is $33.12 profit.

Then, when the upsells hit. Specifically, the mahogany box. I have sold that for anywhere between $20-$30 extra. Box cost total including shipping $26.37. Selling for $69.99 the profit stands at $43.58.

There is only one company that sells Print on Demand Jewelry that is worth selling and that is ShineOn. I have been selling with them since early 2016 when they first started and thankfully had a great experience.

Profit Per Sale = $43.58

Print on Demand Metal

Print on Demand Metal

Metal is another of my favorites. Print on Demand metal really started to blow up in 2016 when Redline Steel hit the market with their monograms.

There were multiple stores that become million-dollar companies overnight based on the one style.

As it matured it's needed to find new markets and I was lucky enough to find one with my own store.

By niching down into a hyper passionate niche we were able to move a solid amount in the first few months of testing.

Unfortunately, because the company (back in 2019) we were using was so new we ran into quite a few problems on the fulfillment side, oftentimes with wait times well over 8 weeks. It was scary.

Print on Demand Metal Art

Now, with the emergence of My Easy Monogram, the wait times are effectively the same as ShineOn. Within 3 days, your custom metal art is cut, powder-coated, packaged, and shipped within 3 days! Absolute madness.

The Numbers

The base price on personalized metal art is anywhere from $19.95 including shipping for a 12″ piece to $50 for a 30″.

The prices we sell for on those (we don't sell any 12″, but the closest we do have is 18″).

For this let's assume the base price is $34.99. Our 18″ pieces start at $99.99. Straight up that is a profit of $65. What's better is we have an in-cart upsell on magnetic hanging screws that add an additional $12 profit on top of that.

This is where it gets super fun. Our 30″ piece sells for $189.99. That puts the profit margin on these bad boys at $139.99!!! That is before the extra $12 from the magnetic screws.

Personalized metal is a clear winner!

Profit Per Sale = $65+

Who's the supplier? It's My Easy Monogram! If you sign up through my link you will get 10% off your first month. If you don't want to do that then you can search for them in the Shopify App store!

That's It

There are no doubt many more products that have a great margin. The likes of the oversized hoodies, hooded blankets, canvas, blankets, and so much more are worth taking a look at.

What I have shared above are the things I know that sell, have sold, and continue to sell. They've also got a bit of the wow factor associated with them which helps with that initial scroll stop and ultimately helps to have someone making that purchase.

Whether it's print on demand shoes or metal art you just gotta start.

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