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So you want your website working harder for you bringing in more leads & endless customers?

If you're in ecommerce chances are you won't be making this mistake, although I have seen several instances where it is still happening and it's 100% not ok.

If you're in a service-based business (like a company in the construction industry) 90% of the websites I see are not letting their websites work for them like they should!

Why should you listen to me?

Well for starters by not making this mistake I created a custom printed sneaker store in April 2017 and took it to $683,924 (AUD) by October!

In the last 3 years… I've generated $2,470,000+ Profit with Teespring & made sure I wasn't making this mistake before I started.

If I had the same problem all these other websites have then I would not have been able to make that money…

So you can see that it is pretty darn important!

If you want to be one of the smarter marketers/businesses then read on, I am going to show you how to effortlessly increase the revenue on your website!

So what is this mistake… & how do you fix it?

It is the almighty FACEBOOK PIXEL. Hands down, the most lucrative bit of code that you could possibly install on your website right now.


Luckily this problem is easily fixed and as soon as you have installed the code you're website will be spitting out dollars or sending you the consistent leads you need (so long as you use it for what it is intended after installing)…

If you want to fix it immediately…and you definitely should, then take a look at this quick tutorial on how to install the pixel on your website…

There you have it… Super, super simple. If you can't do it hit up your developer and get them to do it asap.

Good luck, and when you get those extra sales and leads I wouldn't mind a thank you in the form of a bottle of Rosé.

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