Must Follow: The Top 9 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

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Defining a Pinterest Marketing strategy to help you in your efforts to create not only a profitable business, but a memorable one, can be difficult.

This list has been put together to help you find mentors and accounts that will help you in your quest. If you need the ultimate guide check out Ecommerce Platforms “The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell on Pinterest with Shopify”.

In 2016 my business partner Suhail and I had a tour of Pinterest and met with the team to discuss how we could help them build out their ads platform. Was an incredible space, with incredible people, great food and another bloody ass-whooping on the International Ping Pong Tour from Suhail.

Pinterest Marketing

Below I have compiled a list of the top Web Design, Marketing and eCommerce Pinterest accounts that you MUST FOLLOW;

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing


First we are going to start with the accounts that are going to show you how to dominate with your brand online.

Love Inspired | Custom Brand + Web Design by Cathy Olson

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

Cathy is focused on the design of your web store. Showing you everything from branding to mood boards to social media tips. Following someone like Cathy will certainly help you define a Pinterest marketing strategy that'll leave others in your dust and money in your store.

Take a look here.

Creative Founders | Art + Creative Biz Marketing Tips

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

The Creative Founders are set on helping Female artists & creative entrepreneurs build a better creative business.

If that's something that you connect with. Check them out here.

Jenn | Business Growth Coach

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

Jenn loves to talk success in entrepreneurship focusing on a multi-aspect approach. If you need help to grow your business, whether it's ecommerce, blogging, or any other online business Jenn is the girl for you!

Check her out here.

Badassery Magazine

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest MarketingJust because Pinterest is skewed towards the female demographic, doesn't mean that the content is any less valuable. Badassery Magazine helps to inspire and empower women in business.

If that sounds like it's up your alley, check them out here. 


When it comes to how to actually use a Pinterest marketing strategy for ecommerce there are a few companies that continually show up. Below you will find the accounts that are absolutely dominating their Pinterest marketing.

Pura Vida Bracelets 


The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

Like so many of their customers, I absolutely love Pura Vida, who they are and what they stand for. This is an extreme example of how awesome a Shopify brand can be and should serve as inspiration for us to strive to.

Pura Vida's brand story, brand design, marketing, social media channels etc, are all on point. Across every channel there is a definite theme running through this company. Relax, chilled out, loving life.

BlackMilk Clothing


The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

Another example of an ecommerce brand nailing their Pinterest account. Unlike Pura Vida who have an exceptional use of relaxation, chilled vibes and beaches, BlackMilk has fashion photography nailed. They can express in their style of photography what most businesses can't.

They are young, trendy, and 100% on point…oh, and they're Aussie!


The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

If you've been around the industry long enough there are some players that keep popping up. What Jane Lu and her team at ShowPo have created is fantastic. Jane started out in accounting and quickly found her love of fashion was shared by not just her friends, but hundreds of thousands of young ladies across Australia and the world.

Again, ShowPo is an amazing brand that is able to showcase their message through their lifestyle product photography.

Alex and Ani

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

You know your Pinterest marketing strategy is on point when you get the verified account badge. Alex and Ani do an incredible job of showcasing their jewellery in a way that makes people just want to be a part of their family.

What blows my mind with the likes of Alex and Ani is that they can take a broad scale approach to their niche and still dominate the market. If they can do become so successful with the broad scale approach, imagine what we can do niching down.

SkinnyMe Tea

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest MarketingGretta van Riel – another incredible Aussie who has absolutely dominated on Shopify. Of course when these guys dominate on a platform what is continually evident is that the social media is consistent and highly professional.

SkinnyMe Tea's Pinterest marketing shows how Shopify stores can leverage the platform to help sellers in the quest for ecommerce domination.


I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest as it is one of the holy grails of organic traffic. Out of all the platforms available to a blog and to eCommerce in regards to free reach, Pinterest is by far and away the winner.

Once you have an idea of how SEO, group boards and the other nuances work, your Pinterest marketing will go a long way to helping you dominate your multi-channel approach to advertising.

Don't be left in the dark. Make sure you are doing as much as you can to learn about other platforms that could ultimately help with the longevity and profitability of your store.

The Top 4 Accounts for Pinterest Marketing

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