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For those of you that are, or have been, in the POD space you'll likely to have focused your selling efforts on either the USA or Europe. However there are more options out there than just those two markets …

Introducing Brazil: Brazil has a population of 210 million people and is the 8th largest economy in the world, it is 3rd in terms of total Facebook users behind USA & India and has a booming ecommerce market! 

Large ecommerce companies like Amazon have been investing heavily into Brazil as they try to play catch-up with local players like Mercado Livre (who did $831m in sales in 2017 – link) so it's clear that the potential for ecommerce is here!

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Print-On-Demand in Brazil: POD is a new concept in Brazil and today is still a virgin market which represents a massive opportunity. All the key POD ingredients are on the table such as a huge population, good social media usage, strong buying power, and a great POD platform. 

Marcazo.comMarcazo is the only POD platform in Brazil and is specifically created to unlock the Brazilian Market for POD sellers.

Marcazo was created by two ex Fabrily / Teespring guys (in partnership with Moteefe) and since it's soft release in October 2018 has seen some sellers produce some promising results.

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This is one sellers results since October, $128,000USD in profit (before ads) and with super low Ad costs. We can only imagine that the ROI must be pretty good!



We've not yet had a chance to start selling in Brazil yet, but with what we've seen and heard it sounds like a very promising market for those who are either looking to expand their business to new audiences or who are looking for something less competitive than USA & Europe. 


New market, huge opportunity, less competitive 
– Low Ad costs / good ROI 
– A good solid and reliable platform to sell with (with a good team behind it, I know the guys personally.) 

– Language barrier (you need to get designs translated) 
– Boleto payments can be confusing / take time to adapt to 
– Working in a different currency can take some getting use to 

If you're keen to give Brazil a go then feel free to sign up to here.

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