Why is Retargeting So Good?

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Picture this… you've been running your heart out playing a game of football and all you can think about since coming off the pitch is getting a drink of water…

Where would you go to find a drink?

Would you stand out in the rain with your mouth open? (once you've found some)

Or would you find a water bottle and drink from that?

The answer seems obvious, and it is and it is exactly the same way you need to approach your retargeting…

To find the rain…or customers, you are obviously running targeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google and it costs a heck of a lot of money, much more than retargeting…

(Particularly if you have a brand and aren't selling trending items and constantly running fresh content/ads for new products.)

What doesn't make sense is the lack of importance (myself included in the past) people put on getting an absolute cracking retargeting funnel in place.

This is why you should Retarget…

Facebook is getting incredibly accurate with its data and tracking pixel events. What that means is we can create more and more custom audiences that only our brands can target. No two videos audiences will be the same between the millions of videos online…

When you post a video…whether it is an ad or to your timeline on Facebook, you are then able to go into your audiences tab, create a custom audience based on engagements and videos and create several different audiences in there based on how much a percentage of the video was watched!

Not to mention the lookalikes that you can build from that seed audience…which is incredibly powerful in itself, but another topic altogether.

These retargeting audiences alone, particularly the 75%+ watched audiences, result in incredibly cheap conversions. Much cheaper than you'll find delivering your ads to a cold audience.

Why? Because you've warmed them up and they are seriously into picking up what you're putting down.

Cold vs Warm…

When you compare my cold targeted campaigns with a ROAS of 3.74 to my retargeting funnel with a ROAS of 14.9 over the past 30 days you begin to see how important it is to put importance on your retargeting.

It makes absolutely no sense to sit out in the rain with your mouth open without having some form of plan in place to capture all those potential customers that show interest in your offer…

Picture the contingency as standing in an empty kids pool, so if the rain drops miss your mouth, they land in the pool for you to drink later…

To drink that water more effectively grab a cup…or bucket and start scooping. Take this one step further and think of the buckets as discounts…the bigger the discount the more water you will drink.

But what if you don't want to discount?

Well, you have plenty of other options available to you in the form of different offers.

Give the prospect something of little cost to you but a bigger perceived value to the customer and you will have customers flooding through your gates.

In my previous articles I have suggested that you get the Facebook pixel installed on your website, and if you followed my advice you will now have Facebook working for you to build audiences to start your retargeting efforts.

The more I focus my attention on retargeting the more I realize how much money I have left on the table over the years and it's not a good feeling.

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